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Meenakari Pooja (Set of 7) 10inch

Meenakari Pooja (Set of 7) 10inch

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SAMA Homes Floral Etched Brass Pooja Set - Meenakari (Pack of 7): A Harmony of Tradition and Positivity

About this Item:

The SAMA Homes Floral Etched Brass Pooja Set, featuring Meenakari artistry, is not just a set; it's a manifestation of positivity and tradition. Rooted in the ancient Manusmriti and Vedic texts, this set is crafted from natural metals like brass, known for attracting positive and Satvika waves. The combination of zinc and copper in brass makes it a conduit for invoking divine consciousness. Let's explore the unique features and dimensions of this Pooja Set.

Key Features and Dimensions:

  • Harmony of Natural Metals: According to Manusmriti, natural metals like brass resonate with positive energy, attracting abundance in life. The set is a blend of zinc and copper, considered holy and part of the Panch Tattvas.
  • Handcrafted Floral Etching: Each piece in the set, including the Aarti Thali, Bell, Agarbatti Stand, Spoon & Bowl Set, Diya, and Lutiya, is uniquely handcrafted with floral etching, symbolizing rich Indian culture and showcasing the artistry of Indian handicraft.
  • Traditional and Elegant Design: The Pooja Set boasts a traditional and elegant design that not only enhances your home decor but also adds a sacred touch to your Puja Room.
  • Dimensions (May vary 10%): Whole Set: 1110 gms. (Weight)
    1 Pooja Plate: 10" / 670 gms. (Weight)
    1 Bell
    1 Agarbatti Stand
    1 Spoon
    1 Bowl
    1 Diya
    1 Lutiya

Care & Maintenance:

  • Use allied liquid metal polish for easy cleaning and polishing. Wipe it with a clean cotton cloth for excellent results.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning to preserve the set's integrity.


  • Ideal for daily use in the Pooja Room, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, rituals, and gifting, the SAMA Homes Floral Etched Brass Pooja Set adds a touch of spirituality to various occasions.

Invite Positivity and Tradition: Bringing home the SAMA Homes Floral Etched Brass Pooja Set isn't just about functional items; it's about embracing positivity and tradition. Elevate your Pooja experience and celebrate occasions with this harmonious ensemble that seamlessly blends artistry and spiritual significance.

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