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Brass Pooja Lota Pack of 5 / Kalash

Brass Pooja Lota Pack of 5 / Kalash

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Elevate your traditional Indian festivals with this Brass Pooja Lota Pack of 5 / Kalash. Made of high-quality brass, these lotas bring a touch of elegance to your pooja rituals. Enhance your spiritual experience and celebrate festivals with this essential addition to your pooja room.

About this item / Description:

  • Durable & Utility: Brass Pooja Pitcher (Kalash / Lota) from SAMA is extremely durable and features an excellent finish. It's a perfect addition to your Pooja Room. Elevate your pooja rituals with the exquisite SAMA Brass Pooja Pitcher. Crafted from durable brass and boasting a stunning finish, this pitcher exudes luxury and sophistication. Designed to be a perfect addition to your pooja room, enhance your spiritual experience with this timeless piece.
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Our products are hand made by skilled Indian artists. Experience the exquisite artistry of skilled Indian craftspeople with our hand-crafted products.
  • Premium Materials: Luxury and durable. Made from high-quality brass. Heavy duty.
  • Dimensions (May vary 10%): 
    a) 2.5inch height, 58gm weight
    b) 2.8inch height, 68gm weight
    c) 3inch height, 86gm weight
    d) 3.5inch height, 110gm weight
    e) 4inch height, 130gm weight
  • Package Content: Pack of 5 Brass Pooja Lota / Kalash 
Key Features:
  • Sama Brass Pooja Pitcher (Kalash / Lota) is expertly crafted from heavy-duty materials, ensuring long-lasting durability for extended use. Crafted to perfection, the Sama Brass Pooja Pitcher (Kalash / Lota) boasts impeccable durability, making it a timeless addition to any sacred ritual.
  • This traditional and elegant Pooja Room product is perfect for day-to-day use, adding a touch of spirituality to your daily routine. Elevate your daily routine with our Brass Pooja Lota Pack. Combining ancient tradition and timeless elegance, this versatile set adds a touch of spirituality to any daily ritual. Experience a deeper level of connection with each use.
  • Enhance your Pooja Room collection with this timeless and functional pitcher, boasting a long service life for years of use. It is a valuable addition that exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for the discerning buyer seeking premium quality.
  • The pitcher's appealing and eye-catching traditional design makes it a standout addition to any Pooja Room, enhancing the overall aesthetic and spiritual experience.
  • Ensure a durable and traditional addition to your daily Pooja rituals with the Brass Pooja Lota Pack of 5 / Kalash. Make a wise investment with this essential item.
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