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Sama Homes

Brass Glass with Lid / Coaster

Brass Glass with Lid / Coaster

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About this item / Description:
  • Durable & Utility: SAMA Homes Brass Glass is extremely durable and feature an excellent finish. 
  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Our products are hand made by skilled Indian artists.
  • Premium Materials: Our product is made using the highest quality brass. It is a durable & heavy duty product.
  • Package Content: 1 Glass, 1 Coaster & 1 Lid
  • Dimensions (May vary 10%): Weight 215 gram
    Height 4.2inch


Key Features:
  • SAMA Homes Brass Glass is manufactured from heavy duty material. 
  • It's an ideal & a must-have kitchen product.
  • It can be used on day-to-day basis.
  • It has a long service life.
  • It's traditional design is very appealing and eye catching.


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Brass Utensils: A Sustainable Kitchen Choice

Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, offers a surprisingly eco-friendly option for a variety of household items. Here's how brass contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. Looking for ways to green your kitchen? Consider brass utensils! These beautiful and functional tools offer surprising sustainability benefits.

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Benefits of Brass Utensils

  • Long-lasting Durability: Brass is a robust metal that can last for generations with proper care. Unlike disposable or flimsy utensils, brass stands the test of time, reducing waste and the need for frequent replacements.
  • Reduced Landfill Impact: By choosing durable brass, you divert utensils from landfills, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Natural Antibacterial Properties: Brass possesses inherent antibacterial properties, which can be beneficial, especially for frequently used cooking tools.
  • Heat Conductivity: Brass conducts heat efficiently, ensuring even cooking and potentially reducing cooking times, which can save energy.

How Brass Utensils Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Lower Production Footprint: Compared to virgin materials, recycled brass requires less energy to produce, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Less Waste, Less Transportation: Durable brass utensils minimize the need for frequent replacements, reducing waste generation and the environmental impact of transportation for new products.
  • Multi-generational Use: Brass utensils can be passed down through families, further reducing the need for new production and its associated carbon footprint.

Sustainable Considerations

  • Tin Lining: For acidic foods, choose tin-lined brass utensils. The lining protects food from reacting with the brass and prevents metallic taste. Unlined brass is best for dry goods or non-acidic foods.
  • Proper Care: Handwashing and occasional polishing keep brass utensils looking their best and extend their lifespan, maximizing their sustainability value.

Embrace a Greener Kitchen

By incorporating brass utensils into your kitchen routine, you're not just adding a touch of elegance, you're making a conscious choice for a more sustainable future. So, ditch the disposables and embrace the beauty and longevity of brass!

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